The Spot Light

This months Spotlight is on Will Green, The Louisvillian, party promoter, and very generous humanitarian. Will hasn't been on the scene as long as other promoters but what stands out about his journey is the approach he took. In a city where most promoters are looking for Bigger and Bigger venues he chose to take a more Upscale and more intimate approach to party throwing.

He founded Soo Fly Entertainment the Winter of 2009 and ever since he hasn't looked back, with party series like "Sexy and Successful", "Champagne Life", "The Red Party", and the critically acclaimed "F.U.R.S.T. Fridays". Its very evident that Will loves his city and he proves it with countless charities and even teaming up with other promoters to bringing you huge events like the 4th Annual Black and Diamond Affair and reputable Concerts just to name a few.

It's clear that Will Green has made his own lane when it comes to Louisville party throwing, and that's why he's in the Ky nightlife Spotlight.


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